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19 Nov, 2015

Virtual CTO

Ten Mile Square has worked as an Interim CTO or Head of Product Management for dozens of companies that either build commercial technology products or leverage technology platforms to run their businesses effectively. We help our Clients make the best technical and product-related choices and then provide the necessary...
18 Nov, 2015

Continuous Delivery

For most companies, building and releasing software products takes too long, costs too much, and doesn’t meet the high expectations of customers or the business. At Ten Mile Square, we help cure the common ills of the software delivery process through a proven approach called Continuous Delivery. Continuous Delivery...
16 Nov, 2015

Product Management

Product Management is the most important function in a successful technology company. It significantly impacts every other function in a company and, when done well, provides the glue that enables every function to work in harmony to serve customers, grow rapidly, and create profits. At Ten Mile Square, we...
15 Nov, 2015

Connected Hardware

Connected Hardware is changing the way businesses make money and people live their lives. In the mass market, the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Nest represent the best that Connected Hardware has to offer. At Ten Mile Square, we believe that purpose built Connected Hardware for targeting very specialized use...
14 Nov, 2015


It’s an IT fact of life; far too many companies wait way too long to modernize their core applications and infrastructure and, as a result, accrue significant technical debt. The results can be catastrophic and can include lost sales, lower productivity, decreased market share, an exit of key technical...
13 Nov, 2015

Software Development

At Ten Mile Square, we believe that the best software development teams operate at the intersection of engineering and business value: Engineering, because the software development process needs to be highly predictable and repeatable from system architecture through development, deployment, support, and upgrades. Business Value, because the number one...
18 Oct, 2015

Technology Assessment

Ten Mile Square frequently executes highly structured technology assessments at the request of investors, acquirers, CEOs, and Boards. The purpose of these assessments is to determine quickly the current state of a product or platform and provide our clients with rapid, expert, and unbiased opinions that will help them...

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