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Hyun Ho Ro

Sr. Technology Consultant, Engagement Manager

Hyun Ho Ro
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About Hyun Ho

Hyun Ho has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering and engineering management with experience working across the full product development lifecycle. At Ten Mile Square, Ho works with clients to develop modern cloud-based solutions on AWS and Azure, manage complex merger-related application and data integrations, as well as holding interim engineering management roles. He has worked on Ten Mile Square’s largest engagements, including SoundExchange, Scripps Networks, College Board, US News & World Report, iJet/WorldCue, and FINRA.

Prior to Ten Mile Square, Hyun Ho worked at several service providers, starting his career at UUNet (ISP), TeleComputing (ASP), and SiteSmith (MSP). He designed and built tooling to automate the provisioning and management of large web-hosting server farms that provided self-service web interfaces. He has a BS in Computer Information Systems from American University.


Interim Director of Engineering, iJET/WorldCue, SoundExchange

Interim VP of Engineering, SoundExchange

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