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Who We Are

We love taking on new challenges.

Ten Mile Square is a cadre of experienced technology consultants who have been creating technological innovations for our clients for three decades. It all started at The Adrenaline Group where two of our cofounders met. Alden Hart, Rick Garvin, Jay Gelman, and Bill Lenoir had all worked together for over a decade before forming Ten Mile Square in 2007. In 2012, Frank Oelshlager joined the team after merging his software company with SAP. Frank met Alden as a client of The Adrenaline Group, and from the Washington Area CTO Roundtable and other thought leader circles.

Our team today consists of successful CEOs, CTOs, heads of product, senior and mid-level technologists, product managers, and strategists — all who bring deep know-how, efficiency, and experience to every engagement. We’re a cohesive team of smart, hands-on engineers who thrive on solving complex problems and delivering results.

What we love most is putting in place the people, processes, and platforms that enable your company to exceed your customer and stakeholder expectations.

Proven track record for fast-growth startups to global enterprises

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What We Do

Your problems matter to us.
Clients bring us their most difficult and important challenges. We help them scale to become more competitive and drive significant growth. We search for gaps and holes and fix what needs to be repaired or rebuilt. We drive significant results for companies building next-generation technologies. We help clients get things done right the first time.

We take the time to understand your business: where you are and where you’re headed. Only then will we have the context to identify the gaps. Within 2-3 weeks, we have a clear picture of the key issues to address. Then, we work with your team to build and implement the systems and processes to achieve your desired business outcomes.

What Our Name Means

We appreciate our history.
Our company resides in the western quadrant of the Federal District – formerly part of Washington, DC – that encompasses, as George Washington called it, “the seat of Empire.” The Federal District is a ten mile square area that goes all the way to the western most corner marker in Falls Church, VA. Hence, the name: Ten Mile Square.

When you have a technology issue that really matters, let us do the hard work to solve it so you can focus on your company’s growth.

Looking to solve a tech issue holding back your growth?

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