Author: Frank Oelschlager
Frank Oelschlager
07 Jul, 2021

That’ll Break Everything

“That’ll break everything!” Ever heard someone say that, or something like it before and wished you had some, any, kind of picture or translation of what your technology landscape ACTUALLY looked like, how it’s organized, and where and how it needs to evolve to support your goals? Most software...
Frank Oelschlager
27 Apr, 2021

The Skill-Motivation Matrix

When you are a leader of people, knowing the best approach for delegating assignments to a given person for any given objective is key to not only good outcomes but also to learning and growth. One good way to tailor your leadership style to each person and scenario is...
Frank Oelschlager
13 Apr, 2021

Beyond Concern

We’ve all heard about the Spheres of Concern, Influence, and Control concept. But for those that haven’t considered this idea before, these are meant to inform us as to what we can change or act on, what we have a voice in, and what we care about. These rings...
Frank Oelschlager
30 Mar, 2021

Discipline is not what you think

When we see a successful person, what traits come to mind? Often they are perceived as natural talents or even lucky, but the inconvenient truth is that these folks use discipline to make progress when motivation has flagged or circumstances get challenging. So, what is discipline anyway? It appears...
Frank Oelschlager
25 Nov, 2019

Focus – Power of a Fresnel Lens

Today I want to talk about focus. Specifically the importance of focus for growth stage companies. The reality is that you have limited resources- this is a constraint. You may have several, a dozen, or even more competing priorities. These represent opportunities, but they also represent distractions. The TL;DR...
Frank Oelschlager
30 Oct, 2019

It’s Transformation Time – But Where to Start?

Transformations are all the rage these days. It seems like everyone’s doing one, and while the circumstances are varied, the goal is usually the same- catalyze the organization into a competitive force in the data driven digital marketplace. I’ve written on various types of transformation projects, how to ensure...
Frank Oelschlager
23 Oct, 2019

Dark Data Patterns are not the Future

Last week I talked about the need to understand the monetization and commercialization opportunities of your data assets. This week I want to touch on socially responsible versus dark patterns of data usage. This is a hot button topic for many and includes several facets from privacy to bias...
Frank Oelschlager
16 Oct, 2019

Are You a Data Company?

Are you a data company? If you answered, “No”, you are about to become obsolete. Harsh words perhaps, but that is in fact how the economy is evolving. You might even be thinking, “but we just realized that we need to be a technology company, and everyone is now...
Frank Oelschlager
09 Oct, 2019

“That is Why You Fail” – Yoda

The problem with many transformation exercises, whether they be of digital, agile, or some other flavor, is that they don’t change the mindset. Expectations for radically better results abound, but the willingness to actually change both what is achieved and how these results are achieved is often lacking. When...
Frank Oelschlager
02 Oct, 2019

How to Suck Less Every Day

or 4 Things You Should Always Be Doing I recently sat on a panel discussion on the topic of preparing a business for “economic change”, which I believe is a euphemism for recession. One of the questions the moderator asked us panelists was to elaborate (in 1 minute or...