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Continuous Delivery

For most companies, building and releasing software products takes too long, costs too much, and doesn’t meet the high expectations of customers or the business. At Ten Mile Square, we help cure the common ills of the software delivery process through a proven approach called continuous delivery.

Continuous delivery is a software engineering approach where teams work together to produce valuable software in short cycles and then ensure that the software can be reliably released at any time. A successful continuous delivery process links together the work of all of the groups involved in software development – product management, architecture, software development, QA, DevOps, operations, and support. The result is an efficient, repeatable, cost effective, and high quality set of processes that deliver consistently great software products to the marketplace.

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Continuous delivery is not a one-size fits all tool you can just install or a predetermined framework you can just adopt. It is all about understanding the demand, quality criteria, and success metrics for your products and then applying the correct set of practices to realize these goals in a standardized and repeatable manner. Ten Mile Square works with your team to create a set of unique, sustainable capabilities tuned to the “sweet spot” for your products. Our proven methodology is divided into four phases:
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The benefits of continuous delivery for your business can be spectacular:

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