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Scalability & Architecture

Expanding your customer base but your architecture is not scalable or reliable enough?

Many of today’s organizations find that their system’s workload suddenly exceeds the capacity of the existing software + hardware combination, often leading to expensive AWS bills, unplanned outages, and risky software updates. As they increase customers or expand features and capabilities, the architecture needs to scale with this expansion. Scaling can often require a large investment and different expertise to implement new technologies and types of architectures to fill the current gaps.

Ten Mile Square consultants start by understanding your business, your current architecture, and where you want it to go. We have years of experience working with organizations wanting to leverage the latest technologies to modernize and scale their products and services to add value. If you want to compete well into the future, we can help you figure out the best solution for your specific needs in a quick, efficient manner.


“Ten Mile Square knows how to scale digital asset management systems for media companies. After asking the right questions to understand our business, they quickly figured out and solved our scalability issues. Leveraging their AWS expertise, they scaled our platform to serve 7x as many customers. They’re invested in our product and our success. I haven’t found anything they don’t do well.”

Creating a Scalable Media Platform Architecture

Ten Mile Square helped this SaaS-based digital asset management tool platform create a more mature, flexible, secure, and reliable architecture to expand its flexibility to serve new customer requirements.

Capitalizing on Opportunities with Scalable Platform

Ten Mile Square worked with Acceller Technology, a broadband customer acquisition services company, to scale its architecture platform to handle “triple play” offerings and keep up with well-funded competitors.

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Architecture & Scalability Checklist

Can you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? If so, contact Ten Mile Square today to hear how we can help assess your scalability and architecture issues.

Scale your business cost efficiently and enhance performance

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