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Strategy & Innovation

Do you have a profitable product idea but are unsure how to build it or bring it to market?

Sometimes an organization’s products no longer fit with the state of the market, or a product is too complex and is being beaten out by far nimbler offerings. Other times, company leaders want to invest in a more profitable product idea but don’t have the team, the knowledge, or the bandwidth to make it happen quickly enough. Don’t let these details stop innovation before it gets started.

Ten Mile Square can help you work through your business-to-technology workflows, provide an outsourced R&D lab or act as an interim CTO that can bring innovation to your front door. Innovate and accelerate your speed to market so products launch in weeks versus months.


“Ten Mile Square worked with us to create a strategy that was right for the market and stood the test of time. They blended well with our culture and served as a critical advisor for me and my entire team. They helped us work through a lot of high-pressure situations successfully and provided important input that led us to our sale to IBM.”

Creating a Long-Term Platform Strategy

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Ten Mile Square helped enterprise software company, StoredIQ, decide whether to focus on short-term ins or invest in a longer-term broader platform strategy:

Setting Up a Targeted Acquisition Strategy


Ten Mile Square helped a large $4.3B TV and media company with technical due diligence on key acquisition targets:

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Product Management & Delivery Checklist

Can you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? If so, contact Ten Mile Square today to hear how we can help you meet your strategic and technological needs.

Innovate today and drive higher business value tomorrow

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