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Technology Assessment

Ten Mile Square frequently executes highly structured technology assessments at the request of investors, acquirers, CEOs, and Boards. The purpose of these assessments is to determine quickly the current state of a product or platform and provide our clients with rapid, expert, and unbiased opinions that will help them make key business decisions.

Our engagement process is highly structured; however, each assessment is customized to meet client goals and information needs. For each assessment:


Our Assessments fall into two categories:
Rapid Assessment – Execute intensive analysis of your technology platforms to identify the roadblocks to scaling and recommend changes in your platforms and processes to improve business and technical operations and product quality. Key deliverables include:
Boards and CEOs generally require this type of assessment.
Technology Due Diligence Assessments – provide insight into a company’s products and platforms in several key areas, including:
These dimensions provide the information required to understand the ability to execute, the presence of “secret sauce” and barriers to entry, ability to scale, and any risks inherent or manifest in the product or organization. Investors and acquirers generally require this type of assessment.

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