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Technology Assessment

Our expert-led assessment follows a 5-step process to report actionable steps.

As a leader, you know that scaling your business and fueling massive growth is a heroic leap for the entire company. Based on our 30 years of experience working with leading technology companies, we know that the most common roadblocks to achieving growth and profit goals are your technical debt, high technology costs, competing priorities, and lack of capacity to take on new products or features.

Go-to-market speed is critical to remaining competitive and relevant to customers, which is why an objective, unbiased and expert-led technology assessment can be the most important decision you’ll make to ensure you address technology gaps holding back your growth – from scaling architecture to product lifecycle to cloud strategy to new technology investment. It gives you a comprehensive summary of actionable next steps to produce more successful results and achieve your revenue goals.

    Why is a Business Technology Assessment Important?

    Conducting a technology assessment is an investment that businesses make to strategically evaluate core technologies, products, intellectual property, and more. If you’re looking to build confidence in your go-to-market plan, improve decision-making, achieve aggressive growth goals or obtain technical due diligence for investment or acquisition, there are a number of benefits to an independent report from Ten Mile Square’s experts.

    • Fuel company growth: A strategic product plan ensures your technology is ready to scale to keep pace with your growth goals, avoid costly mistakes, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.   
    • Control costs: Total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud-based or cloud-native applications are typically driven by product development. Our technology assessment gap analysis uncovers key ways to ensure the desired state is cost-effective and profitable.  
    • Mitigate risks: Our team clearly identifies and documents your risks including indicating the level of importance and recommending prioritized, actionable steps for mitigating or solving risks.
    • Objective product life cycle reporting: We evaluate what is working and what needs to be improved with an external, unbiased perspective as part of the technology assessment. 
    • Foster continuous improvement culture: Our reports provide specific action items to optimize operational processes within teams and cross-functionally so they become ingrained as a part of your culture.
    • Identify security issues: While most tech firms rarely request an assessment of security issues, our expert team always identifies potential security deficits when found and includes them in our report.

    Our 5-Step Technical Assessment Process

    The 5-step process to completing an expert-led technical assessment is highly structured. We’ll rapidly assess product platforms, product management, product development, product operations, client onboarding, and integration capabilities. Each assessment phase is customized to ensure we meet management’s goals when producing our findings and non-biased recommendations.

    Five-step diagram of the Ten Mile Square process to conducting a technology assessment
    Our technology assessment engagements usually take 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of your technology, number of stakeholders, and striving to minimize the impact on your team involved.

    1. Discovery

    Information Request
    The assessment begins with an information request to provide a comprehensive set of documentation from key areas of the business. After successfully working on hundreds of assessments, we’ve seen this background is key for our team to gain a full understanding of your business goals, product goals, and current technology state. If any documentation isn’t available or current, the topic can be addressed in the in-depth interviews. Documentation requests for full transparency may include:

    In-depth Interviews
    During this phase, we’ll conduct a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in leadership, decision makers, product management and development, and customer support to hear about their prioritized business and product goals, operations, and product delivery. We review key documentation with contributing teams during open Q&A sessions. A typical 2-3 day interview schedule will include topics such as:

    2. Define Problem Statement

    The team will analyze the documentation and interview insights from the discovery phase in order to define a problem statement that is specific to your desired technology state and goals. The technology problem statement describes the existing technology environment where the problem occurs, and how it impacts product users, company finances, and other business activities. The specific format we use to guide the creation of the problem statement includes:

    3. Gap Analysis

    Using the problem statement and prioritized goals, the team will conduct a thorough gap analysis to examine and assess your current state of tools and technology. This includes a review of the team structure, process, communication mechanisms, features, non-functional requirements, design and implementation approach, and customer adoption of the product.

    4. Key Findings & Recommendations

    A summary of our gap analysis with specific, actionable remediation recommendations and new technology needed to move from the current state to the target state is documented. These actions are prioritized based on what is most efficient to take on first or most important strategically to your business. Ten Mile Square applies the “theory of constraints” methodology to recommend effective ways to remove bottlenecks or address the limitations on your overall ability to produce high value.

    5. Report & Briefing

    In this final step, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that can be used by management and decision-makers to implement the plan. We conduct a live debriefing meeting with all key stakeholders to explain the key insights, review recommendations, hear feedback, answer questions and discuss how the organization plans to make decisions to implement the recommendations moving forward. The report is finalized after the meeting to incorporate final input and implementation plan details. Schedule a discovery call today >

    Ten Mile Square expert-led technology assessments can also transition into helping our clients implement recommendations in a number of areas, including architecture scalability issues, digital transformation, product management, cybersecurity, and strategic innovation.

    What Should I Expect During a Technology Assessment?

    When Ten Mile Square works with technology organizations, we take a collaborative approach so the key team members and management should be prepared to work transparently and trust sharing the true state of the business. To conduct a comprehensive assessment, Ten Mile Square needs to deeply understand your business goals and the current state of your technology. During the documentation and discovery phases, you can expect that our team of experts will ask a lot of probing questions about the documents and artifacts. We’re interested in your customer acquisition and retention model. We’ll also deep dive into understanding your capacity to invest in your future infrastructure growth.  

    The Most Common Findings in Our Technology Assessment Reports

    While conducting hundreds of technical assessments, our team of experts has documented common pathologies in the final reports. Our approach to working with you is to ensure we diagnose the root causes of these technology issues so that you can put a solid plan in place for your team to execute or continue to partner with our team to resolve. Typically, we uncover:

    Scaled B2B Fintech SaaS Company from $30M to $100M

    Ten Mile Square conducted a two-week technology assessment for a B2B SaaS fintech to improve its product stability where we:

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