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Ten Mile Square Technologies
06 Sep, 2016

Investor Presentations, Part 2: The Nine Rules for Making Your Pitch

Per Part 1 of our musings on Investor Presentations, writing your investor presentation is actually the easiest part of raising funds; giving your presentation to investors is the first place where the battle is won or lost.  The best Investors have sat through hundreds of presentations and have pretty much seen...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
30 Aug, 2016

Investor Presentations, Part 1: Building Your Winning Pitch

High quality investment funds see hundreds of business plans a year and even more executive summaries; however, they fund maybe three to five companies per year. Most companies that submit plans never get a first meeting.  Those that do still face incredibly long odds.  Here’s the math – both...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
21 Jul, 2016

Congratulations! Your Company Is Now a Scaleup

It’s late on a Friday afternoon in the summertime, and, as the CEO of a hot startup, you should be feeling pretty good.  The key metrics on your monthly dashboard are all glowingly positive.  Revenues have passed $400K per month and are accelerating.  The Company just turned cash flow...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
10 May, 2016

Sales v. Product Management: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

In a growing tech company, sales needs product management and vice versa, but, too often, these two functions don’t get along.  The result can be disastrous:  Misaligned products, missed sales goals, lots of finger pointing, and too much employee turnover.  As you think about scaling your company, you should...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
21 Apr, 2016

Knowing When It’s Time to Give Up the Ghost

Thankfully, entrepreneurs are optimistic creatures.  Most launch their companies on a wing and a prayer and then work with their radically under resourced teams to create their first product and gain initial customers. Sometimes, things go smoothly.  Funding comes in, customers sign up, and product reviews come back positive. ...
Rick Garvin
19 Apr, 2016

When a Great CTO Isn’t Enough: The Role of the VP of Engineering

In today’s fast moving tech world, great CTOs have achieved truly mythical status.  Think Adrian Cockroft, of Netflix, who drove Netflix’s cloud adoption for streaming video, or Werner Vogels, who invented and continues to build out Amazon Web Services, the world’s most successful Cloud platform.  Every CEO who is...
Bill Lenoir
12 Apr, 2016

Rule Books: A Secret Ingredient for Scaling Companies

Every game has rules – except for Calvinball – so I would bet that most people have at least leafed through a rule book. Game rule books attempt two things: teach you how to play AND serve as a reference during play. Businesses need rule books, too, to support...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
22 Mar, 2016

Creating the World’s Best Executive Summary

There is a well-worn saying that “every journey begins with the first step.”  It’s true with fictional quests – like the quest in the “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy – and it’s true in business, too.  For CEOs and their teams, the first step is the idea, the...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
26 Jan, 2016

The Five Rules of the Start-Up Company Prenup

When small teams of two or three start a company, optimism generally reigns.  After all, you’ve got a really great product idea, you really know the target market, and at least one of you really knows how to sell. Plus, all of you worked together before at a successful...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
05 Nov, 2015

Your Financial Model Matters – Today and Tomorrow

Most entrepreneurs pay very close attention to current cash flow; fewer have a deep understanding of the current and future financial model for their business.  By building a forecast model, you can gain early and lasting insight into how your business really works – both today and for tomorrow....