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SaaS Case Study

eFashion Solutions

eFashion Solutions, LLC was founded in 2000 to provide eCommerce and flash-sales capabilities as a service to branded fashion designers & manufacturers. The Company has invested in building a technical & logistical infrastructure coupled with workflow process and merchandising intelligence systems focused to scaling the eCommerce operations of third party web stores and creating a unique marketing platform for driving incremental sales to client’s websites.


“Thank you for your help with Aldo. We won the deal. It’s ours and Amazon’s. Could not have done it without you. Thank you for your support and dedication.”
The investors and board members for eFashion Solutions (EFS) sought an independent assessment of EFS’s technology platform and capabilities in support of a strategic opportunity with the Amazon Web Store platform team. EFS had built a custom eCommerce platform that was focused on fashion merchandising requirements. Could the EFS platform be extended for real-time integration with eCommerce channels like Amazon’s Web Store?

Work Involved

Ten Mile Square performed a technology assessment and created a prioritized risk assessment and remediation plan that addressed the architecture gaps to an Amazon Web Store integration. Based on the assessment, the CEO engaged with Ten Mile Square to bring on Rick Garvin to act as interim CTO and drive a technology modernization exercise. The business goals of the exercise were to:

Through the modernization exercise, we implemented the key pillars of a modern technology organization:
We also reorganized and enhanced the technology team to serve the entire product lifecycle more effectively. Over eighteen months and six engagements, Ten Mile Square transformed eFashion Solutions’ technology organization into the leading ecommerce technology organization in the fashion industry. This exercise ultimately led to the acquisition of EFS by Excel Corp.

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