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Looking to gain a competitive advantage with a strong fintech offering?

Fintech companies face a number of challenges competing with existing financial powerhouses, from banks to financial services to investment management. They need to differentiate their products and services to address the problems they solve for enterprises by reducing friction points for their customers. Fintech startups are driving accelerated innovation and new uses for AI, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, predictive behavioral analytics, and smart contracts. Being heavily regulated, compliance is a key issue.

Ten Mile Square consultants start by understanding your fintech business, looking for system and process gaps, alignment of software development and delivery to business goals, and critical areas for improving customer and revenue outcomes. With years of experience working with fintechs looking to scale, we can take your platform to the next level.

Modernize and Scale Systems to Keep Pace with Explosive Growth

Ten Mile Square worked with this financial network company to help them scale their solutions during the financial crisis because their systems were unprepared to handle the explosive growth:

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Rebuild and Automate a Broken Technology Platform

Ten Mile Square worked with a crypto-asset company specializing in blockchain-based smart contracts and fractional ownership of real assets to:

Scale and Transform Your Fintech Product to Lead Your Market

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