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Looking for a clearer picture of your next tech company investment or acquisition?

Growth companies, venture funds, and private equity firms interested in investing, merging, or acquiring tech companies often need an outside assessment of the technology or product to understand if it’s a good fit, if it’s secure, and if it will scale for future growth. Technical due diligence is a necessary step to ensure a complete picture of the assets and liabilities an organization acquires, uncover risks, and potentially avoid costly investments to address the technology risks of the target company.

Ten Mile Square consultants start by understanding the investment objectives and the target’s business. We evaluate the scalability and architecture, code quality and technical debt, security and compliance, product development and deployment processes, engineering team and operations, and opportunities or risks impacting revenue and investment goals. We’ve conducted 250+ technology due diligence assessments for $2M to $750M+ transactions. Our M&A tech due diligence team works daily building technology systems and has been through investment transactions ourselves providing you the insights to make the best investment decision.


“We turn to Ten Mile Square for technical due diligence assessments for acquisitions. They start by understanding the business and what the system needs to do before diving into the infrastructure, code, software engineering, and product development evaluation. Their security review is top notch… always flagging issues we were unaware of. These reports have led us to restructure M&A deals and identify key people to retain.”

Identify Acquisition Targets’ Strengths and Flaws


America’s largest TV and media company with 200 stations in 116 markets turned to Ten Mile Square for an objective technical due diligence assessments for its M&A deals so they could make informed decisions:

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