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Looking to automate and deliver more content through your media pipeline?

We are in the middle of a content explosion as consumers take advantage of digital innovation and the 24-7 access to social media. Media and entertainment companies are now producing more content than they can efficiently handle, resulting in a waste of major amounts of time, energy, and money. Industry competition has never been higher as companies seek new ways to create, store, handle rights and royalties, and efficiently deliver content to their customers.

Ten Mile Square consultants have decades of experience working with data management and scaling media architectures to process, store, and share content to thrive in the marketplace. We help media businesses implement emerging technologies and develop creative solutions to meet their business needs.


“Streaming music is a booming market, and our systems needed to keep pace. Ten Mile Square helped us build out multiple systems that helped us process royalty payments accurately and quickly. It put us in a good position technically going forward.”

Scaling a Challenged Royalty Management Platform

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Ten Mile Square worked with SoundExchange, a nonprofit collective rights management organization, to upgrade to a modern technology system and scale its royalty payments systems to increase payments more than 30% per year. 

Integrating Key Systems with DAM and Constant Evolution

Ten Mile Square helped convert Scripps Networks, a leader in media and entertainment programming from a tape-based broadcast operation to a fully digital, multi-channel, globally distributed company. We developed core systems for digital asset management, content management, and content delivery as a trusted partner for over a decade on 50+ projects.

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