It’s an IT fact of life; far too many companies wait way too long to modernize their core applications and infrastructure and, as a result, accrue significant technical debt. The results can be catastrophic and can include lost sales, lower productivity, decreased market share, an exit of key technical talent, and the inability to pivot the business when market conditions change. So how do you know you’ve waited too long to modernize your applications? Here are the symptoms:

  • Your core business processes no longer match the workflows implemented in your applications.
  • Your applications go down frequently and unexpectedly.
  • Your applications are harder to maintain even though you haven’t changed much about them for several years. Small changes are very difficult to implement.
  • Inability to create new product offerings by combining existing features.
  • The technologies used in your applications are several generations old, and it’s now difficult to attract the necessary talent to maintain and update them.
  • You have trouble reusing data for new purposes, moving data between applications, or exchanging data with your trading partners.
  • The cost of maintaining your applications keeps increasing and there is no obvious reason why.

At Ten Mile Square, we are application modernization veterans and can provide both the technical vision and operational leadership to transform your core applications from legacy to leading edge. We can help your company:

  • Stabilize your current operating environment.
  • Audit your current applications to determine what modernization efforts are possible.
  • Set your modernization priorities.
  • Establish an application modernization budget.
  • Create your target state architecture for your modernized applications.
  • Generate a product and software development plan.
  • Organize and manage the application modernization team.
  • Create and implement IT operations processes that will enable your new applications to run smoothly.


True Modernization spans entire technology lifecycle. We provide all of the services necessary to execute a successful modernization effort, including:

Rapid Assessment – Execute intensive analysis of your applications and technology platforms to identify the roadblocks to modernization and recommend approaches for achieving a successful modernization effort. Key deliverables include:

  • Documentation of current state of your applications and platforms
  • Prioritizing of key technical and product challenges
  • Examination of key technical and product management processes
  • Evaluation of current team and organization structure
  • Roadmap for remediating challenges and implementing new functionality

Application and Technology Strategy – We help you examine all of the factors involved in a modernization effort: customer needs, technical challenges, make versus buy decisions, talent needs, level of effort, and likely costs involved in bringing a product to market. We gather input from many sources, including your technologists, marketing, sales, senior management, finance, customers, and industry analysts. We then work with your team to perform the necessary analysis to create a clear modernization strategy. Through our work together, you’ll be able to make fact-based decision on whether and how to proceed.

Technology and Product Roadmap – Modernization is not a one-time thing. We work with you to ensure that your products and platforms serve the needs of your customers, partners, and employees now and in the future.

Technology Evaluation and Selection – In any modernization effort, a number of key technology choices need to be made based on the desired business outcome, cost of delivery, skills of the current and desired team, and market expectations. We do the research and make fact-based recommendations on the technologies that will be suit your needs.

Interim CIO – for your technology development and IT operations teams, Including:

  • Working with business stakeholders and customers to identify new product needs.
  • Prioritizing work based on business need, ability to deliver, and cost.
  • Supervising your technology and IT operations teams.
  • Improving technical and product management processes.
  • Recruiting new talent and cycling out underperformers.
  • Ensuring high-quality, on-time delivery of new functionality.
  • Working with customers to implement custom capabilities and then managing the process for deciding which features will become standard product features.
  • Managing the technology and IT operations budget.

Continuous Delivery – Modernization isn’t just about new applications. It’s also about being able to stage, configure, deploy, operate, and support those applications, so that users are happy and the business can be effective. During the modernization effort, we’ll work with you to put in place processes that ensure that:

  • You can deploy new capabilities frequently with high reliability.
  • You eliminate bottlenecks in the application development process that can cause delays and decrease application quality.
  • You can gain high performance from your applications while operating them efficiently and economically.