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Long-term strategic advisory, technology leadership, build out of tech team, and launch of Product Management function.

Blum Capital

Market research in support of potential investment


Business plan – successfully raised $2 million in two rounds of funding


Technology leadership, product management, and build out of technology architecture.

College Board

Implemented continuous delivery processes and modernization of technology infrastructure.

Core Capital Partners

Multiple technology due diligence assigments


Served as company’s first CTO. Built out team. Created platform architecture.

Edison Ventures

Multiple technology due diligence assigments

eFashion Solutions

Virtual CTO, technical architecture, and product management services to support eCommerce and flash-sales as a service on behalf of branded fashion designers & manufacturers.

EPE Edweek

Technology modernization, CMS, web & print publishing modernization

Evolution Capital Partners

Technology Assessment in support of an investment opportunity.


Technology and Product Management oversight.


Motion control software for advanced laser cutters.

Hanley Wood

Product management and detailed technology assessment and implementation.


Technology leadership, build out of tech team, product management, and strategic advisory services.  Sold to Verisign.

iJET International

Technology leadership, product management, implementation of continuous delivery processes, and modernization of application infrastructure stack.


Business plan and technology assessment in support of the company’s sale to Institutional Shareholder Services.


Technology evaluation and architecture.

Mad Fox Brewing Company

Oversaw the implementation of web presence and point of sale systems.

Mobile Posse

Business planning in support of two fund-raising efforts totalling $11.5 million.


User interface design and development for FCC


Mutliple engagements across DNS Advantage, Partner Programs, Enterprise Architecture and technology assessments

New Media Strategies

Internet social networking data collection, fusion and correlation


Technology due diligence

ORIX Ventures

Technology due diligence

Other Machine Co

Motion control software for 3d printers

Playmaker Systems

Product planning and technical analysis in support of a platform that maps the relative influence of market players.


Development of software, firmware, and circuit board design for 3D printers.

Private Financial Regulatory Agency

Product Management, technology assessment, technical architecture, software development, and continuous delivery.

Promontory Interfinancial

Multiple engagements for technology modernization

Safeguard Scientific

Multiple technology due diligence assigments

Scripps Networks

Continuous delivery, product management, software development, and technology architecture for major media and content applications.


Development of software, firmware, and circuit board design for 3D printers.

Silver Lake Partners

Market research in support of potential acquisition

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Analysis of next generation technology delivery options.


Product management, technology architecture, and software development for the processing of all of the streaming music royalties in the US.


Partnership to develop motion control technologies.


Business planning and technology and business due diligence for the corporate venture capital group.


Motion control software for 3d printers

US News & World Report

Product management, software development, and continuous delivery for mission critical systems, including content and survey management.

Valhalla Partners

Multiple technology due diligence assigments


Restructuring of key software development and delivery processes.

Wireless Matrix

Technical assessment in advance of potential M&A transaction.

Wolters Kluwer

Evaluation of product development process for a mssion critical software module.