Alden Hart
Chief Technology Officer
Alden Hart Chief Technology Officer

Alden has more than 25 years of experience in technology development and product management.  He has designed and developed dozens of telecommunications, transaction processing, financial services, avionics, motion control, and other real-time and mission critical systems. He served as the VP of Software Development of Cybercash, the first Internet-based payment system, from start-up through its IPO.  Since then, he has focused on helping both Fortune 1000 and growth stage technology firms architect, build, and deploy first-of-their-kind technology platforms. He works frequently with private equity firms to evaluate potential investment and M&A opportunities.  Alden is also know for his ongoing work in open source motion control and desktop manufacturing; the TinyG project is used by major desktop 3D printers, milling machines, and other innovative products.  He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

Rick Garvin
Managing Director
Rick Garvin Managing Director

Rick focuses on product development acceleration and product management for growth oriented technology companies.  Most often, he performs product & technology assessments and executes turnaround and technology acceleration for companies that create products or use technology as a key component of their service offerings. He frequently works as Virtual CTO, VP of Engineering, or VP of Product Development. He began his career at BTG working in signals intelligence and worked his way up to become VP of Engineering.  After BTG, Rick worked as the CTO for two technology start-ups that had successful exits. Rick holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

Frank Oelschlager
Managing Director
Frank Oelschlager Managing Director

Frank is a partner and consultant at Ten Mile Square. With 30 years of product technology and operational experience, he can be found most days helping companies of all shapes and sizes sort out their product and technology strategies or building learning cultures in their product and engineering teams. In his spare time, he plays music and builds things.

Hyun Ho Ro
Engagement Manager
Hyun Ho Ro Engagement Manager

Ho has more than 10 years experience engineering, developing, managing systems and projects. He currently manages projects at FINRA where he provides guidance on project delivery practices. Ho has worked with SiteSmith/MFN, TeleComputing, and UUNET. He is known for extreme golf and riding centuries on his bike. He has BS in Computer Information Systems from American University.

Jason Mao
Engagement Manager
Jason Mao Engagement Manager

Jason brings over 15 years of experience in DevOps where he upholds high engineering standards in operation, security, and development. He has a BS in Computer Science and a MBA from the University of Maryland. At Ten Mile Square, Jason applies systems architecture and engineering expertise to help CTOs and VPs of Engineering reduce cycle time and further modernize their infrastructure into highly scalable and performant technology assets. Prior to joining Ten Mile Square, Jason oversaw IT security responsibilities at NASA and held critical engineering roles in start-ups such as Sourcefire (now Cisco) and SunRocket.

Bill Lenoir
Sr. User Experience & Product Planning Consultant
Bill Lenoir Sr. User Experience & Product Planning Consultant

Bill has spent two decades on user experience design and management, interface design and development, and information architecture. He focuses on problems where the man-machine dialogue is dysfunctional or unclear. Bill has worked with small internet start-ups as well as large, established organizations such as Scripps Networks and FINRA. He is also known as a board game geek. He has a BA from American University in International Studies and also conducted post-graduate work there in International Economics.

Ryan Van Fleet
Ryan Van Fleet
Engagement Manager
Ryan Van Fleet
Ryan Van Fleet Engagement Manager

Ryan is an engagement manager and senior software developer with more than ten years of experience in architecting and build out high performance enterprise applications. As an Engagement Manager, Ryan manages teams that build and deploy large scale SaaS applications. He brings technical expertise in several key areas that are important to our clients, including enterprise transform and load, digital archiving, integration of COTS and open source technologies with custom developed components, and operations development and automation. Prior to joining Ten Mile Square, Ryan worked for T-Rex Corporation as a software engineer to support the management of Disability Cases for the Social Security Administration, including the initial proof of concept installation and operations of an enterprise correspondence system. Previous to T-Rex, Ryan worked for Tessella serving various big pharmaceutical corporations supporting drug discovery and digital archiving. Ryan was also a COTS engineer on a digital archive system that maintains and disseminates the digital records for the Executive Office of the President and the U.S. government. Ryan holds a B.S. in Physics from the University of Maryland, and a Degree in Music Business from Berklee School of Music.