Product Management

Product Management is the most important function in a successful technology company. It significantly impacts every other function in a company and, when done well, provides the glue that enables every function to work in harmony to serve customers, grow rapidly, and create profits. At Ten Mile Square, we bring a deep product management focus to any assignment we take on.


Ten Mile Square is all about delivering products that meet market needs, are straightforward to sell and support, and stand the test of time technically. We can assume the entire product management function as the acting Head of Product or take on a part of the process to amplify the efforts of your team. The areas where we add value include:

Product Strategy – We help you examine the customer needs, market and competitive landscape, technical challenges, barriers to entry, human capital needs, level of effort, and likely costs involved in bringing a product to market. We gather input from many sources, including your technologists, marketing, sales, senior management, finance, potential customers, and third-party sources. We then work with your team to perform the necessary analysis to create a clear product strategy. Through our work together, you’ll be able to make fact-based decision on whether to proceed with a new product or look for other alternatives.

Product Portfolio Management – We expand your Product Strategy process to enable your company to evaluate both the performance and likely future success of existing products and the relative merits of proposed new product ideas.

Technology Evaluation and Selection – In any product development effort, a number of key technology choices need to be made based on the desired business outcome, cost of delivery, skills of the current and desired team, and market expectations. We put in place the structure, do the research, and make fact-based recommendations on the technologies that will be suit your needs. Our technology expertise spans the technology lifecycle:

  • Software development tools, including IDEs, project tracking, and requirements management.
  • Technology frameworks
  • On-premise infrastructure
  • Cloud-based services
  • QA and Configuration Management
  • DevOps tools
  • On-going Operations Management>

Product Roadmap – We work with you to define and prioritize the specific components and features that will be included in a new product over the first two or three releases. As part of building the roadmap, we concentrate on three, key things:

  • The date when the business needs to bring the product to market.
  • The functionality included in the MVP and version 1 releases that will be attractive to charter customers.
  • The level of effort and skills needed to bring the product to market.

Daily Product Management ¬ We work with your developers, QA, operations, marketing, sales, services, and support professionals to bring a new product or release to market. The work includes tracking the progress of development, remediating technical and business problems, putting in place and executing a product launch plan, ensuring that product deployment goes smoothly, and planning out subsequent releases.