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That’ll Break Everything

“That’ll break everything!” Ever heard someone say that, or something like it before and wished you had some, any, kind

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Why you should use GraphQL

GraphQL was created in 2012 and open-sourced by Facebook in 2015 to relieve issues with the interfaces of the time, particularly for mobile devices with limited or flaky internet connections.

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When Is a User not a User?

Thinking in Terms of Roles rather than Individuals How many times has this happened to you? You’re buying a gift

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Beyond Concern

We’ve all heard about the Spheres of Concern, Influence, and Control concept. But for those that haven’t considered this idea

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Angular Migration and the Strangler Fig

If your organization developed an application using the framework formerly known as Angular, now retroactively rebranded as AngularJS, you probably know that all that hard work and capital you put in now is bolted firmly to a sinking ship.

illustration of a figure pushing the minute and second hand in a analog clock

Hacking Your Life with Task Types

I want to share an idea that has changed my life by mitigating burnout and feeling more fulfilled day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year. The idea is task typing.

Have a Technology Issue Holding Back Your Growth?

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