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Create a Competitive Advantage with Continuous Delivery

Flexibility and agility are required attributes to be competitive in today’s complex and rapidly evolving market. Yes, so is innovation, but that’s a whole other thing… the ability to successfully own a market depends on your ability to adapt and respond to competitors, market shifts, and the economic drivers of your customers.

You can only do that if your product and product engineering processes work; that is, if you can reliably bring those innovations and new features to your customer base. If getting new product releases out takes too long, or the complexity of a release is so hard that failure is more commonplace than success, modern competitors will run circles around you.

Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, implementing regimented practices such as Continuous Delivery actually increase flexibility and agility, freeing up resources to innovate on the product or technology while reducing risk.

Why is this? Bringing practices such as Continuous Delivery to bear on the product lifecycle does a few things all at once:

  • Weaknesses and risks that negatively impact quality and predictability are illuminated early in the process so you can do something about them before they cause real issues
  • People, arguably your most valuable resources, unify around shared goals and common objectives (such as getting an amazing product to market) instead of working in silos of partial and often variant objectives
  • Shortens, and makes repeatable, the amount of time it takes to deliver value to the market, often referred to as cycle-time

Being innovative is not enough, you also have to be able to execute- repeatably and at scale, while preserving the ability to adapt.

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