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Transforming Desktop Manufacturing

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Transforming Desktop Manufacturing

Ten Mile Square is the BASF of the desktop manufacturing market. We don’t build 3D printers or laser cutters; we make 3D printers and laser cutters much better. We design and build essential hardware components, firmware, and software for leading companies in the desktop manufacturing market – increasing performance, lowering costs, and enabling faster adoption in the next big hardware market.

  • Connected Hardware
  • Software Development
  • Product Management

The Challenge:

Desktop manufacturing and 3D printing have created a lot of excitement; however, mass adoption by consumers and businesses faces many challenges. Particularly in the low-end, the desktop manufacturing process is very expensive. Performance is slow and unpredictable, and the quality of finished products can be disappointing.

The Result:

Ten Mile Square is a provider of critical components for companies in multiple desktop manufacturing market segments, including 3D printing, milling machines, and laser cutters. Our work includes:

Circuit boards for motion control – which we design and manufacture economically in the United States through our sister company, Synthetos. Dozens of companies use our latest board, TinyG, to provide motion control for creating commercial products and art and hobbyist projects.
Firmware – which radically improves motion control precision and performance and can be used both with Ten Mile Square and partner built hardware.
Application Software and Cloud Connectivity – to enable specialized software for desktop manufacturing and cloud-based processing of desktop manufacturing jobs to speed performance dramatically.
Our partners include a who’s who of desktop manufacturing, including:

  • ShopBot
  • PrintrBot
  • Other Machine Company
  • Ultamachine

In its November 7, 2015, issue, MAKE: – the leading magazine for the desktop manufacturing market – rated 21 3D fabrication devices in best in class. 12 rely on Ten Mile Square developed hardware or firmware (or both).

In addition, the highly anticipated Glowforge 3D laser printer, which will come to market soon at price of $4,000 and already has over $27 million in advance orders, uses our firmware to provide a level of motion control that was previously only available on very high end laser cutters.

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