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7 Indications Your Team is on Fire

There are a lot of blogs and articles that deal with broken-ness. Here’s a look at the other side of the coin: heads!

  1. Your team is aligned in purpose and execution. People do the right things because they all believe in, support, and commonly pursue shared objectives.
  2. The team acts empowered and accountable. Details, issues, minor skirmishes all get resolved with no escalation; tasks are identified and executed without need for centralized authority or death by meeting.

  1. Success is the incentive motivating your staff. Sure, cash is fine as a way to share the wealth and communicate that folks are valuable and have contributed – if used in the right way. If the promise of cash is the only incentive to reach a goal, there’s something wrong with the goal.
  2. Stuff gets done. Ever sit in a meeting with an “action item review” where most of the “action items” have no due date, or owner, and the list rarely changes or only grows? That’s the opposite of this one.
  3. Commitments are met. It’s a wild world out there, and sometimes things can go sideways, but on the whole, individuals and teams meet deadlines, deliver on commitments, and are accountable for quality.
  4. People are leveraged for talent, not title. It takes a diverse set of skills and viewpoints to compete successfully in the world today; everyone is an independent contributor.
  5. Going to work is fun. Not because there is a ping pong table in the game room; because the environment is safe, open, and the work has purpose.

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