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Learning Cultures: Beyond Agile

“Agile” has dominated the conversational, transformational, and practical aspects of technology development for over a decade now, and its history is littered with failures every bit as grand as the classic waterfall failures that came before.

Wasn’t “agile” supposed to be better?

To discover the root of the problem, let us look to human behavior. We tend to make goals as destinations, a thing to accomplish, or to have. As a result, we build frameworks and ceremonies and dogma into our processes, creating rigidity and structure in the name of repeatability and to have something to point to. While filled with good intent and beneficial aspirations, these things and our binary objectives cause us to abandon the true purpose of given methodologies and instead become distracted by the mechanics of the process.

Express goals as a process and not a destination.

The way to overcome this is to realize that agile methodologies and practices are simply tools in a bag of ever-expanding tricks and reframe your goal. The goal you really want is for the culture to embody that of a learning organization. Being a learning organization means that you will never be done, it’s not a goal you can say, “Check, done.”; there is always something more to learn. Always.

Companies with learning cultures have the ability to outperform competitors that do not across the board.

How do you become a learning organization?

This is something with which Ten Mile Square can help you. From a “You are Here”, independent and objective assessment, a detailed prioritized roadmap of key actions, to expert consultants embedded with your team to shepherd culture change and the indoctrination of a learning culture in your team, we are your partner in success to new capabilities that afford new opportunities.

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