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Seven Resolutions for 2018

Last year I wrote a post about embracing resolutions around this time. I thought to do a similar post this year, but update it for 2018. However, as I look over the list of things that I thought would be important to focus on in 2017, I realize that these are even more relevant and important to focus on in 2018. So rather than a fresh update with pithy new content, I offer you this admittedly mostly recycled content with the fresh perspective of 2017 in the rearview mirror.

Things To Embrace in 2018:

  1. Change:  The world around us is always changing. Embrace the fact that constant change and uncertainty are coming our way. Stand for what you believe in as there is history to be shaped.
  2. Diversity: Diversity is what makes us, as people, great. It is not our similarity of experience that shapes the future but rather, it is the diversity of the human experience that drives us forward. Embrace diversity.
  3. Learning: Learning is a reward that keeps on giving. Whether from a book or hard-knocks, learning is the fuel for development and growth.
  4. Relationships: During the course of business and life, we will interact. Invest in those interactions and develop the relationships. We grow our connectedness in the world in this way.
  5. Love: Love is overplayed and underrated. Love freely. It has benefits.
  6. Goals: Write. Them. Down.
  7. Gratitude: If you’re reading this, then it’s better than even odds that you have more to be grateful for in your life than 99% of the rest of the world. Say thank-you. Your welcome.

Define your theme for the year and go out and embrace your goals. I wish you a fulfilling and joyful 2018. Cheers

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