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The creation of new ideas that shape the future of your business through product innovation and technology strategy. Learn how to move faster to market, drive more value, and build competitive advantage in current and new markets.

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That’ll Break Everything

“That’ll break everything!” Ever heard someone say that, or something like it before and wished you had some, any, kind

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When Is a User not a User?

Thinking in Terms of Roles rather than Individuals How many times has this happened to you? You’re buying a gift

circle within a circle chart starting from control at the core to imagination

Beyond Concern

We’ve all heard about the Spheres of Concern, Influence, and Control concept. But for those that haven’t considered this idea

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Are You a Data Company?

Are you a data company? If you answered, “No”, you are about to become obsolete. Harsh words perhaps, but that

Rodway with five arrows point up the lanes overlaying a maze. The center arrow is red and longer than the others.

Vertical Value

One of the issues I see a lot out in software product land are teams trying to plan and jam

Have a Technology Issue Holding Back Your Growth?

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