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Don’t get spooked by defects

The last way you want to find a product defect is from the customer. Boo!

Even tiny errors, such as mis-spellings or alignment issues tell your customer there is a lack of attention to detail. Make no mistake, the quality of your customers’ experience will determine their approach to interacting with you as a technology vendor.

There is an old video on YouTube, Building East German Car, that satirically epitomizes the results of a lack of quality built into the value chain. The best place to catch a defect is to prevent it, the next best place is while the developer is still actively interacting with the code. The earlier the better.

Building test automation all along your value chain, from unit tests and static analysis, including artifact verification, environment validation, integration and functional testing, through to security scans and pen testing is an essential capability for technology and technology-powered companies to be competitive today.

Contact Us at Ten Mile Square to learn how to bring test automation and continuous integration / delivery to your technology team and value-chain today, and keep the spooky actors at the front door this Halloween.

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