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Giving Thanks for Lessons Documented

Just as with Thanksgiving dinner, your business may have tasks that occur on a regular basis, but not often enough for people to remember how to do them. A simple checklist is enough to prevent the heartburn of relearning hard lessons.

Keep It Simple

The documentation doesn’t have to be extensive. In fact, the more concise you can make it, the better. Your documentation should answer these questions:

  • Why? Maybe you don’t need to be doing this task anymore.
  • When? What are the key dates that impact this task? The first date should be when you should consult this documentation. Make sure it’s on your calendar!
  • Who? Who worked on this in the past? Would be nice to have others to consult if you have questions.
  • What and How? This is the meat of your documentation.

Don’t forget to revisit this documentation after completing the task. You should review it to see if there’s any parts that need clarification and update it with new lessons learned.

And don’t forget to put a reminder on your calendar to revisit this again for the next time.

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> knife cookbook create stuffing
> vi stuffing

include_recipe "Thanksgiving"

require 'stale_bread'

love_for_butter.times do 
  package 'butter' do
      action :install

package ['herbs', 'veggies', 'stale_bread', 'seasoning', 'turkey_jus'] do
  action [ :install, :reconfigure]

not_if fancy do
  package ['spinach', 'gruyere'] do
    action :install  
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