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We do a lot of work with growth companies, across all scales from startup to multi-national firms. This post on LinkedIn from Deby Joevita is a really great encapsulation of a growth lifecycle that works, and draws on well-established disciplines and methodologies.

How Growth Stage Entrepreneurs Build Meaningful Product – D3BY

Oracle Java SE 8

Recently, my laptop prompted me to update my Java version, and when I did, the following rather concerning message was presented:  Oracle Java SE 8 Release Updates. It basically states that going forward, Java will require a paid license to use for commercial applications. As usual, it seems that the devil is in the details. This blog provides a nice breakdown of what that actually means:

Java SE licensing.

the Future

Here’s a must-read newsletter, Exponential View. A newsletter recommending newsletters? You bet! This “Wondermissive” from Azeem Azhar comes out on Sundays and is a must read! I highly recommend getting on this list and spending some quality time with this high-quality content.

Azeem Azhar’s Wondermissive: Future, Tech & Society.

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