Software Development

At Ten Mile Square, we believe that the best software development teams operate at the intersection of engineering and business value:

  • Engineering, because the software development process needs to be highly predictable and repeatable from system architecture through development, deployment, support, and upgrades.
  • Business Value, because the number one mission of a software development team isn’t to build the coolest application imaginable; it is to build applications that help the business economically and operationally.

We specialize in two types of software development that require very high levels of engineering and a deep understanding of business value:

  • Delivering massively scalable software applications for which there is no commercially available alternative. Examples include mission critical royalty management, media management, and financial regulatory systems.
  • Combining commercial software products and high performance proprietary components to create applications that are unique in the marketplace. This approach lowers costs, speeds time to market, and works especially well for companies that don’t sell software products, but need to be “technology-enabled” to compete effectively.

Our services include:

  • Application and Technology Strategy – We help you examine all of the factors involved in an application that both performs well and delivers business value: customer needs, technical challenges, make versus buy decisions, talent needs, level of effort, and likely costs involved in bringing a product to market. We gather input from many sources, including your technologists, marketing, sales, senior management, finance, customers, and industry analysts. We then work with your team to perform the necessary work to create a clear strategy for your application development effort. Through our work together, you’ll be able to make fact-based decision on whether and how to proceed.
  • Technology and Product Roadmap – Software development is not a one-time thing. We work with you to ensure that your products and platforms serve the needs of your customers, partners, and employees now and in the future.
  • Technology Evaluation and Selection – In any software development effort, a number of key technology choices need to be made based on the desired business outcome, cost of delivery, skills of the current and desired team, and market expectations. We do the research and make fact-based recommendations on the technologies and approaches that will be suit your needs.
  • Software Development – We put in place and manage software development teams that can get the job done. Our teams typically include application architects, senior and mid-level developers, QA engineers, and Continuous Delivery professionals. Frequently, our teams contain both Ten Mile Square and client resources, who work together to ensure smooth application delivery through multiple releases.