Virtual CTO

Ten Mile Square has worked as an Interim CTO or Head of Product Management for dozens of companies that either build commercial technology products or leverage technology platforms to run their businesses effectively. We help our Clients make the best technical and product-related choices and then provide the necessary leadership and technical skill to ensure that technology platforms are reliable and well received in the marketplace.


We take on all aspects of daily technology and product leadership, including:

Rapid Assessment – Execute intensive analysis of your technology platforms to identify the roadblocks to scaling and recommend changes in your platforms and processes to improve business and technical operations and product quality. Key deliverables include:

  • Documentation of current state of your platforms
  • Prioritizing of key technical and product challenges
  • Roadmap for remediating challenges and implementing new functionality
  • Evaluation of current team and organization structure
  • Examination of key technical and product management processes

Daily Management – of your technology development and product management teams, Including:

  • Working with business stakeholders and customers to identify new product needs
  • Prioritizing work based on business need, ability to deliver, and cost.
  • Supervising your technology and product teams.
  • Improving technical and product management processes.
  • Recruiting new talent and cycling out underperformers.
  • Ensuring high-quality, on-time delivery of platform functionality.
  • Working with customers to implement custom capabilities and then managing the process for deciding which features will become standard product features.
  • Representing the company to industry analysts, customers, and partners.
  • Managing the technology and product development budget.

Technology and Product Direction – to ensure that your products and platforms serve the needs of your customers now and in the future by:

  • Building and maintaining your company’s technology and product roadmap.
  • Directing R&D efforts that will lead new commercial products and revenue streams.
  • Managing the product portfolio, so that your company will make effective decisions about future product direction based on budget, resource needs, time, and market constraints.

Technology Evaluation and Selection – In any product development effort, a number of key technology choices need to be made based on the desired business outcome, cost of delivery, skills of the current and desired team, and market expectations. We put in place the structure, do the research, and make fact-based recommendations on the technologies that will be suit your needs. Our technology expertise spans the technology lifecycle:

  • Software development tools, including IDEs, project tracking, and requirements management.
  • Technology frameworks
  • On-premise infrastructure
  • Cloud-based services
  • QA and Configuration Management
  • DevOps tools
  • On-going Operations Management