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iGov is a highly-focused engineering and management services company that focuses on federal customers. Key areas of expertise include engineering management, tactical systems, program amangement, and R&D.

Govcon Digital Transformation

“We have used Peter and his team to speed our transition from a product reseller to IT services business model. Peter has helped us greatly with our strategy, solution packaging, daily operations, and organization structure. Peter has been with us every step of the way, and, with their help, our transition is complete.”
Driven by the landmark contract win of TACLAN, the US Special Operations Command’s platform for in theater computing and communications, iGov chose to undertake a challenge where many try and few succeed: Transform from a computer products reseller into an IT systems integrator for US government customers. The transformation could bring big rewards in market cap, revenue growth, and service mix, but only if it were done perfectly. iGov needed the right strategic and operating plan and guidance to help along the way.

Work Involved

Peter Buchanan of Ten Mile Square served as the outsourced Head of Strategy for over three and a half years. His responsibilities included:
Peter also served as an executive coach to the CEO and other Management Team members work through daily operating and performance management issues.

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