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Laurie Barth

What Does it Mean to be a Technology Consultant

by Laurie Barth

If you’ve ever been curious about what it means to be a consultant, this post is for you!

20 May, 2019 0 comments 59 Views
Laurie Barth

Honey, I Type Checked the Children

by Laurie Barth

The cli added this line of code, it says something about isRequired. So I guess I’ll just leave it there?

14 May, 2019 0 comments 88 Views
Laurie Barth

What’s With All the Props Anyway?

by Laurie Barth

Another day, another piece of boilerplate code that we should explore!

07 May, 2019 0 comments 118 Views
Laurie Barth

Exports and Imports and Defaults, Oh My!

by Laurie Barth

Too often we see throwaway lines of code inside frameworks and projects that we don’t take the time to understand. Let’s explore export default App in React projects!

30 Apr, 2019 0 comments 177 Views
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