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Laurie Barth

Let’s loop – for…in vs for…of

by Laurie Barth

These two alternatives to for loops are wonderful, but they do different things. Let’s understand them better!

16 Jul, 2019 0 comments 86 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Data Identification and Persistence – Extract Transform and Load Part 5

by Ryan Van Fleet

The final two steps, identification and persistence, can make or break the data chain. Identification handles the deduplication of data and informs the system of it should be persistence. Understanding how data will be used by the system informs if the data is Single, Submitter, Transaction Source. Once data is identified persistence is easy

11 Jul, 2019 0 comments 91 Views
Jason Mao

AWS Re:Inforce After Action Report

by Jason Mao

Two weeks ago I took a whirlwind trip to Boston to attend AWS Re:Inforce – the inaugural security focused AWS conference. Being the first of its kind, the AWS event planning team definitely has some kinks to iron out. Overall this two-day conference is just about right in duration, I got enough time to soak […]

10 Jul, 2019 0 comments 110 Views
Laurie Barth

5 Uses for the Spread Operator

by Laurie Barth

JavaScript has a bunch of syntax that aims to make your life easier as a developer. The spread operator is a particularly popular option, so let’s see what you can do with it!

10 Jul, 2019 0 comments 156 Views
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