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Laurie Barth

Vocabulary Is Not Job Security

by Laurie Barth

In honor of my talk at Indy.Code() this week I want to talk about vocabulary and communication. I was having a great conversation the other day about the phenomenon of “cookie licking”. This concept can be applied in any number of ways. From the way an application is built to the transparency of the developer […]

23 Apr, 2019 0 comments 85 Views
Laurie Barth

Responsive Design and Mobile First

by Laurie Barth

A while back there was a code newbie chat discussing the concept of mobile first. A number of people responded that mobile first development was just a fad, or a buzzword. However, I disagreed. You see, mobile first development is operating on the assumption that anything that works on your phone will also work on […]

17 Apr, 2019 0 comments 100 Views
Frank Oelschlager

Who’s Really in Control of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

by Frank Oelschlager

Today, if you are building and operating cloud-based or cloud-native applications, the concentration of the source for TCO comes from one place. Your development team. That’s right, the developers essentially control your TCO and neither the business or the developers probably even know it. How is this possible? It is due to the fact that […]

11 Apr, 2019 0 comments 109 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Business Rules – Extract Transform and Load Part 4

by Ryan Van Fleet

In the last article of the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) series, we talked about how using a canonical object can decouple data sources from the downstream components, making the pipeline reusable and easily maintained.  In this article we will discuss one of these downstream components, the business rules. Business rules are one of the […]

09 Apr, 2019 0 comments 150 Views
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