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Rob Giseburt

Designing and Building a Ventilator Flow Sensor from Home, Pt. 3

by Rob Giseburt

This is part three of the Designing an Intelligent IoT Ventilator from Home series There‚Äôs a Flow Sensor Shortage In working on the Pressurizer proto-ventilator, one thing quickly became clear: There are two minimal metrics that need to be known at all times: pressure and volumetric flow. Pressure we already measure, and in part two […]

25 Jun, 2020 0 comments 1335 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Hacking your To-Do List for More Productivity and Fulfillment

by Ryan Van Fleet

In the previous article of this two-part series Hacking Your Life with Task Types. I discussed the four quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix and how to use it to determine a task’s Importance and Urgency. In this article, I will introduce you to a few task management strategies that I’ve learned and implemented to ensure […]

27 May, 2020 0 comments 1118 Views
Rob Giseburt

Designing an Intelligent IoT Ventilator from Home, Pt 2

by Rob Giseburt

In the previous post I described the motivation for and some background of our ventilator project. In this post I’ll dive a little deeper with some juicy details. To reiterate and expand somewhat on the previous post: Because this project started in response to a lack of available ventilators for the COVID-19 pandemic response, it needs to be easily […]

24 Apr, 2020 0 comments 1964 Views
Rob Giseburt

Designing an Intelligent IoT Ventilator From Home, Pt. 1

by Rob Giseburt

This is part one of a series. In this post we talk about what we’ve done and why, and in the next post we talk about how in detail. In this time of Covid-19 I was looking for a way to help. Because of our g2core project I have an unusual amount of manufacturing capability in my […]

22 Apr, 2020 0 comments 2389 Views
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