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Rick Garvin

7 Questions for Computer Security Incident Response

by Rick Garvin

Preparing your business to protect against and be ready to respond to security incidents reduces your company’s risk. The business leadership has responsibilities that they must address to enable the technology team’s defense and response. Here are 7 questions you need to answer: What is a security incident? You need to concisely define what constitutes […]

10 Dec, 2019 0 comments 46 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Kitchen Sink: Audit/Governance/Work Queue – Extract Transform and Load Part 6

by Ryan Van Fleet

In the previous articles, we discussed the main pieces to consider when designing and implementing an Extract Transform and Load pipeline. Submission Information Packages and High-level Validation: Data, End Points, and validation Canonical Transformation: Converting data to a common object base Business Rules: Low-level validation Identification: Does this data already exist in the system Persistence: […]

03 Dec, 2019 0 comments 113 Views
Frank Oelschlager

Focus – Power of a Fresnel Lens

by Frank Oelschlager

Today I want to talk about focus. Specifically the importance of focus for growth stage companies. The reality is that you have limited resources- this is a constraint. You may have several, a dozen, or even more competing priorities. These represent opportunities, but they also represent distractions. The TL;DR Here’s the TL;DR-> If you try […]

25 Nov, 2019 0 comments 101 Views
Jay Gelman

Converting Large Jobs into Batches

by Jay Gelman

Let’s say that you have a process that requires a long time to run but you’ve got a limited time window in which to do so.  If your job can be broken up into multiple pieces, the simple thing to do is partition the job and have multiple workers process the pieces simultaneously.  This is the standard […]

19 Nov, 2019 0 comments 156 Views
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