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Frank Oelschlager

“That is Why You Fail” – Yoda

by Frank Oelschlager

The problem with many transformation exercises, whether they be of digital, agile, or some other flavor, is that they don’t change the mindset. Expectations for radically better results abound, but the willingness to actually change both what is achieved and how these results are achieved is often lacking. When I go into a transformation exercise, […]

09 Oct, 2019 0 comments 101 Views
Laurie Barth

Creating an Authentication Navigation Guard in Vue

by Laurie Barth

Being able to navigate to pages is a crucial part of any application. But sometimes your users will try and access a page they don’t belong on. In Vue you can check for this using a navigation guard!

08 Oct, 2019 0 comments 278 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

How to Debug Node Serverless Using JetBrains WebStorm

by Ryan Van Fleet

One of the most useful tools in a developer’s quiver is the debugger. The debugger allows a developer to not only step through code and track down bugs, but it is useful as a way to profile data structures. I find the ability to profile data structures to be extremely useful when working with scripting […]

03 Oct, 2019 0 comments 175 Views
Frank Oelschlager

How to Suck Less Every Day

by Frank Oelschlager

or 4 Things You Should Always Be Doing I recently sat on a panel discussion on the topic of preparing a business for “economic change”, which I believe is a euphemism for recession. One of the questions the moderator asked us panelists was to elaborate (in 1 minute or less) on 3 things companies should […]

02 Oct, 2019 0 comments 151 Views
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