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Bill Lenoir

The User Experience for Experienced Users

by Bill Lenoir

The trouble with experienced users is that they think they know everything. The problem is, they do! They might even know your product better than you do. But then that leads them to make assumptions that can trip them up when they encounter an unusual use case. So while it makes sense to focus on […]

19 Jun, 2019 0 comments 145 Views
Laurie Barth

Demystifying Array.prototype.flat

by Laurie Barth

I’m an ECMAScript junky and I wanted to dive into the latest features! In this post we’ll look at Array.prototype.flat.

18 Jun, 2019 0 comments 66 Views
Laurie Barth

3 Powerful Examples of Destructuring Assignment

by Laurie Barth

ES2015+ introduced so many wonderful features, but destructuring assignment may be one of the most powerful and versatile of them all.

11 Jun, 2019 0 comments 117 Views
Laurie Barth

A Primer on SEO

by Laurie Barth

Ever wondered what a canonical_url was? Or how sites show up early in your search results?

03 Jun, 2019 0 comments 183 Views
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