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Rob Giseburt

TypeScript to Make JavaScript Development Better and Faster

by Rob Giseburt

On a recent project involving AWS Lambda and AWS CDK, I made the decision to write the Lambdas in TypeScript to match the CDK code and found that it accelerated my progress noticeably. Later I realized that the back-end development team in that company had no TypeScript experience. I then had to explain the benefits […]

04 May, 2021 0 comments 144 Views
Frank Oelschlager

The Skill-Motivation Matrix

by Frank Oelschlager

When you are a leader of people, knowing the best approach for delegating assignments to a given person for any given objective is key to not only good outcomes but also to learning and growth. One good way to tailor your leadership style to each person and scenario is to use the skill-motivation matrix. This […]

27 Apr, 2021 0 comments 125 Views
Bill Lenoir

When Is a User not a User?

by Bill Lenoir

Thinking in Terms of Roles rather than Individuals How many times has this happened to you? You’re buying a gift for someone important in your life. You get them something that may not be your thing, but you know they’re into it. Next thing you know, you see ads for that item on every website […]

20 Apr, 2021 0 comments 172 Views
Frank Oelschlager

Beyond Concern

by Frank Oelschlager

We’ve all heard about the Spheres of Concern, Influence, and Control concept. But for those that haven’t considered this idea before, these are meant to inform us as to what we can change or act on, what we have a voice in, and what we care about. These rings will contain a unique set of […]

13 Apr, 2021 0 comments 196 Views
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