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Laurie Barth

Understanding Rest Parameter Syntax

by Laurie Barth

You finally understand spread syntax, but what’s this other thing? It looks the same but is somehow different. You’re probably looking at an example of rest syntax, come learn about it.

20 Aug, 2019 0 comments 89 Views
Laurie Barth

Understanding …mapGetters in Vuex

by Laurie Barth

I was recently working with vuex and came across a piece of code I wanted to learn more about.

14 Aug, 2019 0 comments 113 Views
Bill Lenoir

What You Need to Know about​ UX

by Bill Lenoir

In a recent conversation, I was asked about pet peeves at work. As someone who’s been working in the user experience field for 25+ years, long before it was even called UX, I can give you an earful. Similar to UI design, where a single line blurted out at the project’s kick-off can ruin the […]

07 Aug, 2019 0 comments 234 Views
Laurie Barth

How to Turn an Existing Gatsby Site Into a Theme

by Laurie Barth

Jason Lengstorf and I had a really great time on Learn With Jason porting a portion of my site into a theme! I wanted to write up that process so that others can do it too.

06 Aug, 2019 0 comments 180 Views
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