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Jeff Adams

Github Actions: Steps in Containers

by Jeff Adams

Build Pipelines and build agents using CI/CD products are not new. The latest generation of these have all moved to Docker. Docker creates a clean and flexible build environment that streamlines installation steps and tool combination issues. This created a new problem, however. Either you must: Make your own Docker build agent and install what […]

03 Mar, 2020 0 comments 398 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Hacking Your Life with Task Types

by Ryan Van Fleet

I want to share an idea that has changed my life by mitigating burnout and feeling more fulfilled day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year. The idea is task typing. In my next two blog posts, I will introduce you to the idea and show you a few ways to use it to improve performance, happiness, fulfillment, and […]

13 Feb, 2020 0 comments 486 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

4 Ways to Learn Object-Oriented Design

by Ryan Van Fleet

Looking back over 2019 I realized I’ve had the privilege to work on a diverse set of software projects: Architecting and coding an Enterprise Transform and Load (ETL) project in Python and Django Building an SFTP platform using AWS lambda, Node, and Vue Adding major features and refactoring a long-term enterprise Java project While reviewing […]

28 Jan, 2020 0 comments 567 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Finding Diacritics in a Postgres Table

by Ryan Van Fleet

Recently I had the task to find all the Diacritics in a database table. I had to find an easy way to select every row that has a diacritic in the name. The solution was surprisingly simple, but a bit unintuitive. In this article, I will provide you with that solution as well as additional […]

14 Jan, 2020 0 comments 624 Views
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