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Ryan Van Fleet

Testing Angular 10 Interceptors with Spectator and Jest

by Ryan Van Fleet

There are many reasons to switch from Karma and Jasmine to Jest when Testing Angular: Jest runs faster than Karma and Jasmine Jest supports snapshot testing Jest runs tests in parallels Jest does not require a browser for testing many more… However, what’s missing are examples of how to write Angular unit tests in Jest, […]

23 Sep, 2020 0 comments 1808 Views
Daniel Werner

Angular Migration and the Strangler Fig

by Daniel Werner

The Challenge If your organization developed an application using the framework formerly known as Angular, now retroactively rebranded as AngularJS, you probably know that all that hard work and capital you put in now is bolted firmly to a sinking ship.  AngularJS will officially exit long term support in July 2021, and that’s if you’re using […]

09 Sep, 2020 0 comments 733 Views
Rob Giseburt

Designing and Building a Ventilator Flow Sensor from Home, Pt. 3

by Rob Giseburt

This is part three of the Designing an Intelligent IoT Ventilator from Home series There’s a Flow Sensor Shortage In working on the Pressurizer proto-ventilator, one thing quickly became clear: There are two minimal metrics that need to be known at all times: pressure and volumetric flow. Pressure we already measure, and in part two […]

25 Jun, 2020 0 comments 2348 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Hacking your To-Do List for More Productivity and Fulfillment

by Ryan Van Fleet

In the previous article of this two-part series Hacking Your Life with Task Types. I discussed the four quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix and how to use it to determine a task’s Importance and Urgency. In this article, I will introduce you to a few task management strategies that I’ve learned and implemented to ensure […]

27 May, 2020 0 comments 1932 Views
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