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Digital Transformation

Looking to automate processes, modernize obsolescent systems, or enter new markets?

Sometimes organizations stick with old technology just because it continues to work, while other times a company’s internal resources are not big or flexible enough to upgrade older technology to fit its changing business needs. The time has come to prioritize digital transformation initiatives and push toward innovation to compete and thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape. In a 2021 digital transformation report, 91% of surveyed companies say they need to get more out of their digital technology transformation plans.

Some of these technologies include:

Ten Mile Square consultants start by understanding your business, looking for system and process gaps, alignment of software development and delivery to business goals, and critical areas for improving customer and revenue outcomes. We have years of experience working with organizations wanting to leverage the latest technologies to modernize and scale their products and services. If you want to compete well into the future, we can help you figure out the best solution for your specific needs.


“Ten Mile Square jumpstarted our restart. We were able to
leave behind years of technical debt and position iJET to
build the scalable platform required to execute on iJET’s vision.”

Expand and Modernize Product Capabilities

Ten Mile Square took charge of the technology side of iJET, a travel risk management SaaS platform founded in 1999, assuming responsibility for all product management and working alongside the iJET team to realize its platform vision:

Leverage Technologies that Enable Transformation


Ten Mile Square helped this large international programming company move from using tape technology to a cloud-based model that allowed for continuous service delivery through a flexible, secure, and reliable architecture:

Featured Digital Transformation Articles

Digital Transformation Checklist

Can you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? If so, contact Ten Mile Square today to hear how we can help digitally transform your company’s processes.

Time to modernize through digital transformation?

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