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Want to quickly and securely scale your healthtech product but your technology isn’t up to par?

Digital technology has enabled healthcare players to provide more targeted and effective interventions to patients worldwide. Companies in healthtech are often concerned with the scalability of their tech platform, operating securely in the cloud, product life cycle, and data management.

Ten Mile Square consultants start by understanding your business, looking for system and process gaps, alignment of software development and delivery to business goals, and critical areas for improving customer and revenue outcomes. We have decades of experience working with healthtech companies to scale their cloud infrastructure cost effectively and secure their platforms. If you want your product development to scale, we can help you implement an end-to-end lifecycle to meet your vision and goals.


“We had a great product but had holes in our SaaS architecture and security. Ten Mile Square came in to conduct a technology assessment and quickly laid out a plan, executed the strategy, and provided us the resources we needed. Serving as our fractional CTO, Frank understood our business and growth goals. He provided the foresight of what we needed to meet our company’s technology vision.”

Increasing Technology Efficiency and Architecture Speed

Ten Mile Square helped this healthtech startup with all of its technology and product development needs, from addressing the gaps in their tech architecture to product security for its enterprise customers to personnel and resource management:

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Scaling the Organization & Driving Innovation

Ten Mile Square worked with a SaaS patient engagement tech company to fix its agile product development practices to scale the company and to drive innovation from the bottom up to reach its business goals:

Secure and Scale Your Healthtech to Keep Up with Growth Goals

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