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SaaS Case Study

iJET International

iJET International delivers intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence. iJET’s end-to-end, tailored solutions integrate world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology, and response services to help organizations avoid threats and mitigate risk.

SaaS Digital Transformation

“Ten Mile Square jumpstarted our restart. We were able to leave behind years of technical debt and position iJET to build the scalable platform required to execute on iJET’s vision. We put in place processes in product management, development, and continuous delivery that will serve us well for many years to come. Most importantly, our customers are delighted with the responsiveness, expanded capabilities, and the release of new and more modern service.”
iJET, founded in 1999, created the market for Travel Risk Management and developed, at the time, a leading edge SaaS platform for delivering their service to clients around the world. While the platform was awarded 7 patents and was delivering on the promise, the platform was now 10 years old. As iJET set it sights beyond travel risk to facilities and all employees, it became obvious that only performing maintenance and limited add-on enhancements would not support the future vision and growth of the company.

iJet decided to invest in the platform of the future. While some resources were available internally, iJet needed additional skills and knowledge to realize its platform vision. Enter Ten Mile Square.
iJET engaged Ten Mile Square to be its technology change agent. Frank Oelschlager assumed the role of Virtual CTO at iJET, taking over the responsibility for all product development. We deployed additional technologists to work alongside members of the iJET team. Key actions included:

By working with Ten Mile Square, iJET has implemented a scalable delivery methodology for its product offerings, enhanced the technology organization, closed new investment from a private equity firm, and regained its leadership position in the market. The Company now rapidly introduces new products and features, has a reliable and scalable Cloud infrastructure, has grown revenues with the addition of blue chip customers, and is expanding operations internationally.

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