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Accelerate Growth Trajectory with More Flexible, Secure, Scalable Architecture

Tenovos is a fast growth, investor-backed mediatech with a digital asset management platform used by global brands, including Amazon, Marvel, and Mattel, to efficiently manage digital assets. This innovative SaaS platform required scalable architecture for its growing customer base and sophisticated rights management for a key global customer.


“Ten Mile Square knows how to scale and deploy digital asset management systems for media companies. After asking the right questions to understand our business, they quickly figured out and solved our scalability issues. Leveraging their AWS expertise, they scaled our platform to serve 7x as many customers. They’re invested in our product and our success. I haven’t found anything they don’t do well.”

Assess Scalability of Cloud Architecture and DAM Platform

Tenovos hired Ten Mile Square (TMS) to perform a technology assessment of our DAM platform, tech stack, and cloud architecture to help us scale to achieve rapid customer growth. TMS delivered a detailed technology assessment report, prioritized roadmap, and implementation plan to improve system design and system scalability. The TMS team led by Alden Hart and Jay Gelman asked astute questions to hear our growth trajectory and understand business process workflows across sales, product, customer success, and engineering teams.

Work Involved

Scaled Our Platform to Expand Customer Base by 7x

Ten Mile Square’s experienced team of fractional CTOs, senior technologists, and AWS architects, helped us build a more scalable DAM platform that increased cloud computing. The solution optimized workflows, addressed AWS cloud security to meet defense customer needs, and incorporated sophisticated rights management capabilities. TMS consultants are adept at building flexible, resilient distributed systems utilizing serverless architecture, microservices, and horizontal scaling.

Invested in our product’s success, TMS brought an end-to-end understanding of digital asset management, which has been pivotal to our growth. Their team:

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