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First Case
provides intelligence on IT and telecommunications security threats to major corporations and governments on a global basis.
Dramatically increased sales and pipeline due to improved feature set, packaging, and positioning.
Second Case
Retooled the complete product lifecycle from product management through deployment to enable scaling and drive growth.
Fourth Case
Strategic advisory services that helped build the global leader in Information Lifecycle Management software. Sold to IBM.
Six Case
Working with multiple manufacturers, created circuit board designs and software that radically improves motion control and performance for 3D Printers and laser cutters.

When the answer isn't obvious, it's time to call in Ten Mile Square.

Our clients present us with some of the most difficult technology, product, and strategy related challenges imaginable. We provide the leadership, experience, processes, technical know-how, and focus on business value necessary to deliver products and technology that succeed in the marketplace for the long-term.
Our services span the entire business-to-technology lifecycle and include Technology Strategy, Virtual CTO, Product Management, Continuous Delivery, Modernization, Software Development, and Firmware and Hardware Development.
Our team is a mixture of successful CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Product, senior and mid-level technologists, product managers, and strategists, who bring know-how, efficiency, and knowledge transfer
Our Approach is to embrace your desired business outcomes and then work together with you and your team to identify and quantify the challenges and gaps that impact your ability to deliver. We then work aggressively with your team to address those gaps. What we love most is putting in place the people, processes, products, & platforms that enable your company to exceed the expectations of your customers and stakeholders.
Our Mission is to make your team stronger and self sufficient, your technology a driver for business value and competitive advantage, and your processes sustainable and adaptive. Our number one measure of success is that we’ve worked ourselves out of a job and that your team is delivering products and platforms that matter.
Uzair Madani

Python Virtual Environments

by Uzair Madani

Overview Python Virtual environments are tools that can isolate a workspace in order to maintain project dependencies. Without this, packages will be installed globally causing potential clashes of versions for different projects and a convoluted system space. In addition to preventing those conflicts, virtual environments also allow for easier interpreter management. This guide will show you […]

06 Sep, 2017 0 comments 145 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

The Compressed Java Zip Solution

by Ryan Van Fleet

Recently, I had a requirement on a project to systematically zip up a directory of reports to be stored on AWS S3 and later downloaded by the user. I thought it can’t be too hard to zip files using Java with the expectation that the APIs would reflect the use of native OS compression capability. […]

02 Aug, 2017 0 comments 290 Views

Introduction to Java 8 Streams API

by Jeremiah Siochi

One of the key features introduced in Java 8 is the Streams API. Streams allow parallel processing of Collections and provide clean and concise operators for iteration. Without Streams, transforming a Collection may require creating intermediate in-memory Collections and several multi-line loops. With Streams, however, multiple operations can be performed on a Collection within a single line of […]

25 May, 2017 0 comments 471 Views
Ryan Van Fleet

Taming of the Subselect: Three ways to use this troublesome SQL Query

by Ryan Van Fleet

Subselects can be used in many ways: filtering, retrieving specific data, and creating custom joins. Writing effective SQL using subselects, though, can be frustrating. While SQL is ubiquitous in software engineering and is a valuable skill for testing, data analysis and reporting, nowadays a lot of SQL is abstracted in ORM frameworks such as Hibernate […]

20 Apr, 2017 0 comments 670 Views
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