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  • Your Financial Model Matters – Today and Tomorrow

    by Peter S. Buchanan

    Most entrepreneurs pay very close attention to current cash flow; fewer have a deep understanding of the current and future financial model for their business.  By building a forecast model, you can gain early and lasting insight...

  • E2E Testing with Protractor: Testing Browser Connections

    by Emory Merryman

    In geometry class, we used protractors to measure angles.  In web application development, we use protractor to measure angular (and other non angular) web applications.  Protractor runs tests in a real browser (just as your...

  • Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Valuation

    by Peter S. Buchanan

    First of all, there is no magic formula for valuation.  It’s a negotiation based on the characteristics of your market, your company’s performance, and the quality of your team. Secondly, not all money is the same.  ...