Category: BusTech
Ten Mile Square Technologies
14 Oct, 2015

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Valuation

First of all, there is no magic formula for valuation.  It’s a negotiation based on the characteristics of your market, your company’s performance, and the quality of your team. Secondly, not all money is the same.  Your company’s valuation matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters when...
Rick Garvin
17 Sep, 2015

The Seven Technology Pathologies that Can Sink Your Business and How to Fix Them

The pace of business change is not predictable. Technology systems and products must evolve rapidly enough to meet business demands and take advantage of opportunities. The symptoms of technology failures can manifest themselves throughout your organization, but all point to just a few root causes. Ten Mile Square calls...
Bill Lenoir
10 Sep, 2015

UI, Usability and UX: The Square Milk Jug Edition

Any confident product designer has a ready answer to this simple question:  What’s the biggest impediment to designing a perfect product?  The answer: The lack of time and scarcity of resources Therefore, given those constraints, good product designers prioritize their efforts. This often means setting aside the most obvious...
Jay Gelman
28 Aug, 2015

A Developer’s Perspective on the Importance of Business Focus

Business executives often view software developers as the strange, but necessary, creatures that create the code that makes the business run well – or not.  It’s true that the average developer’s personality is radically different from that of a top salesman.  There’s one thing they have in common:  The...
Ten Mile Square Technologies
27 Aug, 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurs (And How to Fix Them)

Entrepreneurs have huge upsides and equally huge downsides.  As an entrepreneur, if you know what you’re likely to do wrong upfront, you are more likely to succeed and grow your business faster and more profitably than you had ever imagined. It’s an age-old and true maxim that great entrepreneurs...