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On Becoming Agile

A short discourse on some key areas and lessons for those who want to adopt an agile culture.

Not “Doing” Agile

Agile is as much a way of life and cultural phenomenon as much as it is a set of processes and methodologies, if not more.

Better, Not More

There is currently a lot of interest in automated software practices such as continuous delivery, devops, and other evolving automation...

The Dog Whisperer Pattern

By Frank Oelschlager Managing Director Have you seen this show on television? If so, you might already know the punch...

What’s a Resource Anyway?

By Frank Oelschlager Managing Director This may seem obvious on the surface, but architects, developers, and product managers ask me...

Where are the Resources?

This is a question I find myself asking the technologists and product teams behind REST APIs over and over again....

Now That’s a Mobile App

By Frank Oelschlager Managing Director I read an article yesterday about Nasa using Google HTC Smartphones as the onboard computer...

Idem… What?

By Frank Oelschlager Managing Director Idempotency. One of the key characteristics of REST, and yet so poorly understood (at least...

Have a Technology Issue Holding Back Your Growth?

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